What is the CEA Alliance?

The Controlled Environment Agriculture Alliance (CEA Alliance) is a membership trade association representing and serving vertical farms and greenhouse producers growing fruits and vegetables in a highly controlled indoor production environment.

Controlled environment growers employ a variety of agricultural production methods and technology to create optimal growing conditions with rigorous environmental controls. Growers utilize innovative technologies such as hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics, and soil-based systems to grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. CEA producers work to deliver the freshest, best-tasting, and most nutritious fruits and vegetables to consumers, with the least environmental impact; reducing use of water, land and other scarce resources; and employing the most rigorous practices to ensure the safety of our products.

Learn About Membership

CEA Alliance in Action

Members of the CEA Alliance join with colleagues throughout the CEA supply chain to address mutual challenges and take advantage of mutual opportunities to accelerate our growth. We are here to help members build the future of Controlled Environment Agriculture!

Membership in the CEA Alliance includes CEA growers, their business service providers, retail/foodservice customers, and government/academic representatives.

CEA Alliance members meet with Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Debbie Stabenow.

Alliance Executive Director Tom Stenzel forecast growth for CEA at Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit in New York.

Alliance member Jed Portman, 80 Acres, shares policy priorities with attendees at GreenTech Amsterdam.

Virginia Governor Glen Youngkin signs legislation supporting CEA growth.

Member company Bowery hosts U.S. Congressional event with renowned Chef Jose Andreas promoting the importance of indoor farming.  Bowery CEO Irving Fain, Chef Andreas, CEA Alliance’s Tom Stenzel.

Membership Benefits

Members of the CEA Alliance help shape:

Strong food safety standards and best practices for indoor-grown produce

Public policy advocacy to ensure legislators and regulators understand CEA production and support its growth as an important part of climate-smart and sustainable agriculture

Education and training for CEA growers and supply chain partners

Development of metrics and measurement tools for growers to communicate their sustainability and the benefits of their operations

Communication of the benefits of CEA production to the media, retail and foodservice companies, and consumers

Membership in the CEA Alliance is your key to shaping the future of indoor agriculture. From public policy and government regulations, to retail and foodservice support in the marketplace, the CEA Alliance is your key to growing our industry’s success!

To learn more about the CEA Alliance and how you can shape the future of indoor crop agriculture, please contact Tom Stenzel, Executive Director of CEA Alliance, at Tom@CEAAlliance.com.